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Welcome to BetaStreets,
a street design tool

for anyone.

BetaStreets is a purpose-built software design platform, made to change the way people design streets and places.

Combine photos of the present, with assets from the library of things to create your perfect vision of the future in minutes.

We've made BetaStreets to make positive change to the street design industry, by opening up the design visualisation process to anyone.

BetaStreets doesn't just make it easy for anyone to design streets. For those working in streets, highways, or urban design it changes the game, taking a fraction of the time taken to create visualisations using traditional methods.

You can see just how easily you can create your perfect street or place in the video below.

BetaStreets lets you produce high-quality visualisations wherever you are working.

The browser based software can be used at your desktop, in design surgeries, public events or even at the kerbside.

BetaStreets Pro is available for subscription now.

BetaStreets is also available as a purpose-built platform for local authorities, consultancies, campaigns and projects.

Specialist versions have already been used by London Cycling Campaign, Lambeth Council, material suppliers and mobility providers.

The world of BetaStreets is made with 3d models. Whilst some just look like items from the real world, others are accurate models of real products, which are named in our Library of Things.

The library already features the products of some of the leading providers of construction materials, street furniture and green infrastructure.

Including your products in the BetaStreets Library of Things puts them into the hands of local authorities, consultancies and designers throughout the UK, and further afield.

Contact us if you want to add your products to the library

Library assets available in the application

Want your own BetaStreets?

We've already worked with campaign groups, local authorities, consultancies, suppliers and mobility providers to make purpose-built versions of the BetaStreets platform.

These have been used as part of public awareness campaigns, co-design in community engagement, project scoping/concept design and funding applications.

More information can be found on the case studies page detailing our work with London Cycling Campaign on Climate Safe Streets, and Lambeth Council on their Kerbside Management Strategy.

Contact us to discuss your own BetaStreets.


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